Lime Green Ribbon Pins

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We have the largest selection of Wholesale Lyme Disease, Lymphoma, Non Hodkgins Lymphoma and Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Pins. Our high quality lime green ribbon awareness pins come in different sizes and pack quantities. These high quality pins are a great fundraising item or as a give away to generate awareness.

Lime Green Ribbon Pins

As one of the leading providers of wholesale lime green lyme disease awareness pins, we know quite a bit about raising money. From walks and races to private parties, fundraising events can be incredibly helpful to organizations who promote Lyme disease, lymphoma and muscular dystrophy awareness.

One of the most underrated methods, however, is the humble garage sale. Successful organizers can bring in hundreds — possibly even thousands — of dollars by putting together a garage sale that combines everyday items with wholesale lime green awareness pins and lymphoma awareness pins. Follow these tips, and you’ll be well on your way to a standout event.

Create a special area exclusively for the pins. Setting up a display that beautifully shows your array of lapel pins is a great way to entice customers to browse the offerings.

Remind friends and family that proceeds go to charity. Make sure the community knows that proceeds from your garage sale will benefit Lyme disease, lymphoma and muscular dystrophy awareness by sending an email in advance of the event. You may also want to hang a banner that reinforces the idea.

Offer special deals to customers who spend a certain amount. If someone purchases $20 worth of goods, for instance, you can offer a discounted lyme disease awareness pin or a buy-one-get-one offer.

Put a box of pins near the cash box. In addition to your dedicated display, keep a few lime green ribbon lymphoma awareness pins near the spot where you’ll ring up customer purchases. That way, you can offer to add the pin to their purchase right before they pay.

Ready to plan the best sale ever? Get started today by browsing our selection of wholesale lime green awareness pins.

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