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Did you know that Domestic Violence is represented by the Purple Ribbon and the month of November is Domestic Violence Awareness Month? We are the largest manufacturer and supplier of domestic violence pins in the world and we sell hundreds of thousands of purple domestic violence ribbon pins each year. We design all our own products so you know they are unique to us and also that we have overseen the quality. Most of our customers are amazed that we can supply such high quality domestic violence ribbon pins for such a cheap price. We are proud to say that it is important to us that you have the best quality. We have domestic violence purple ribbon pins of all sizes and shapes so you are sure to find the one that best fits your needs. Our pins look great on lapels, shirts and even hats. So whether you are fundraising or just buying some items to give to family and friends to spread awareness, be sure to shop early so you get the best assortment of items.

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