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10 Fundraising Tips for Susan G. Komen

Everyone has their personal reason for organizing fundraisers for Susan G. Komen. For many, it’s a loved one who battled breast cancer. Others have walked that long, difficult journey themselves. Yet others may have lost a loved one to breast cancer. Whatever your reason for raising funds for Susan G. Komen, you’ll appreciate these 10 simple fundraising tips to help ensure you are successful in your endeavors to raise funds for such a worthy cause.

5 Easy Ways to Help Fight Gun Violence

It is time to act now! Recently, there have been numerous mass shootings across the US. In each of these shootings, innocent people have died. These events remind us that there is a gun problem in the US and safety is at risk. We are not safe anywhere and must fear for our lives while doing daily tasks like running to the grocery store or stopping by the gym.

2021 Pride Parade Schedule

Find a PRIDE Parade in your city.  Check out the 2021 PRIDE Parade schedule and be sure to stock up on PRIDE gear!

Red & Yellow Ribbon is for Coronavirus COVID-19 Awareness

Why Red & Yellow Ribbon Represents Coronavirus/COVID19 Awareness

The Red & Yellow Ribbon has been chosen to represent the Coronavirus/COVID19 Disease. These colors have been chosen because when you look at coronavirus under a microscope you see the viral particles are colored yellow as it emerges from the surface of a cell colored red.