Dark Blue Ribbon Pins

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Our Dark Blue Ribbon Awareness Pins make it easy to share your support for dark blue ribbon causes like colon cancer and child abuse. You can pin a Colon Cancer awareness pin to your collar or onto a hat or backpack. You can distribute inexpensive Child Abuse prevention awareness satin ribbon pins at a walk or other event. Wear dark blue ribbon pins to start a conversation about the dark blue ribbon cause closest to your heart.

Dark Blue Ribbon Pins

Attention all fundraisers: our dark blue wholesale colon cancer awareness pins are a fabulous way to raise money for the causes that impact you most. Whether you’re sporting the color in support of colon cancer awareness or advocating for child abuse prevention, these simple-to-sell items are sure to shore up the support.

Of course, the act of raising money requires a little planning. How can you best promote your dark blue ribbon awareness pins? Our fundraising experts are here to provide a few tips.

Set up a table outside your favorite store. You may need to get permission from the store before going this route, but setting up a booth outside a popular grocery store or health-food chain is a great way to bring your colon cancer awareness pins to the public eye. Try to aim for Saturdays or Sundays, and consider dedicating a few weekends to the cause.

Use social media to promote your products. Twitter, Facebook and even Pinterest are ideal tools for letting your friends and followers know that you’re trying to raise some cash. Pinterest is especially ideal for out-of-the-ordinary items: angel pins and heart pins for example.

Launch an email campaign based on awareness. Email is among the best ways to reach several people at once. Create a series of emails that ask for support, and provide clear directions on how to purchase or donate.

Throw a dinner party with a fundraising component. Who said raising money can’t be fun? Put together a fundraising party for a group of friends, and display your pin selection prominently. Guests can either purchase a product or donate directly.

For even more inspiration, browse our selection of wholesale colon cancer awareness pins and child abuse awareness pins today.

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