The teal ribbon is a symbol used to raise awareness for ovarian cancer, sexual assault, and many other worthy causes the world over. Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month brings the cause into the spotlight in September, while Sexual Assault Awareness Month is April. With our full line of quality, stylish teal ribbon products, you can lead the way in promoting awareness for and solidarity with these causes, wherever you and your fundraising efforts are located. Wearing teal ribbons may be a small gesture, but they can make a huge difference in the fight against ovarian cancer, sexual assault, and the dozens of other causes they represent. Left it late to order? No problem - we offer Same Day Shipping on orders placed by 3:00 pm EST! If you are shopping for just one or a few items, please click over to our Teal Ribbon Gift Shop.

Teal Ovarian Cancer Ribbons to Show your Support!

At Fundraising for a Cause, we operate on the firm belief that awareness is a crucial part of any battle. That’s where our teal ribbons for Ovarian Cancer and other related fundraising products come into play. Not only do they help shore up money for the causes that need it most, but they also promote understanding and support throughout communities everywhere. 

Though they’re not as ubiquitous as the iconic pink bracelets, teal cancer ribbons offer a sense of comfort for those affected by two widespread causes: ovarian cancer and sexual assault. Every year, nearly 20,000 women in the United States are diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and more than 230,000 sexual assault cases are reported throughout the world. Now, thanks to our selection of teal ribbons, you can show your support for the friends, family and loved ones who have experienced either. 

Teal Lapel pins are a wonderful way to spread the word. Crafted to look like an teal awareness ribbon, these easy-to-sell items are ideal for online, storefront or garage-sale fundraising. Angel pins and heart key rings are equally fantastic options; simply add them to your selection of products, and watch the cause-related coffers increase. You can even purchase several products and create your own sets: three items for the price of two, for instance, or an affordable variety pack. 

No matter which type of wholesale teal ribbon awareness merchandise best suits your needs, we’ll make sure to provide you with only the highest quality items and most helpful customer service. It’s all part of the package when you show your support with Fundraising for a Cause. Help spread awareness and purchase your teal ribbons for ovarian cancer today!