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  • Black Cord Dove Charm Bracelets

    25 Black Cord Dove Charm Bracelets

    $71.25 $61.87/Pack
    ($2.47 each)

  • Dove Charm Necklaces

    12 Dove Charm Necklaces

    $55.00 $42.00/Pack
    ($3.50 each)

  • Dove Charms

    25 Dove Charms

    $43.75 $30.99/Pack
    ($1.23 each)

  • Parrot Charms

    25 Parrot Charms

    $43.75 $30.99/Pack
    ($1.23 each)

  • Parrot Charm Necklaces

    12 Parrot Charm Necklaces

    ($3.50 each)

  • Parrot Key Chains

    25 Parrot Key Chains

    ($2.75 each)

  • Black Cord Parrot Charm Bracelets

Our bird awareness merchandise ranges from jewelry to other items that are sold in bulk at low wholesale prices so you can resell to raise money for your favorite bird sanctuary, rescue group or zoo.

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