10 Fundraising Tips for Susan G. Komen

10 Fundraising Tips for Susan G. Komen

Everyone has their personal reason for organizing fundraisers for Susan G. Komen. For many, it’s a loved one who battled breast cancer. Others have walked that long, difficult journey themselves. Yet others may have lost a loved one to breast cancer. Whatever your reason for raising funds for Susan G. Komen, you’ll appreciate these 10 simple fundraising tips to help ensure you are successful in your endeavors to raise funds for such a worthy cause.

Tip 1: Create a List

Pull together a list that includes your family, friends, co-workers, gym buddies, etc. Essentially, it should contain all the people you know, or those you think will want to donate or participate. Think of your neighbors, doctor, dentist, club members and so on. It never hurts to ask, so build out the list by including everyone you can think of.

Tip 2: Start with a Fundraising Goal (Aim High!)

It’s important to set a goal when hosting a fundraiser for Susan G. Komen. This gives you and all your donors something to aim for. Most of the time, you’re going to do a lot more than you ever thought possible. Setting personal fundraising goals high helps inspire both you and donors. Usually, you’ll be asked to set a goal when you register your Susan G. Komen fundraiser officially.

Tip 3: Send Handwritten Letters First

Before you send out emails, send handwritten letters. This offers a personal touch and helps establish a solid relationship. If it is possible, deliver them personally. Friends are not likely to toss out a handwritten letter quickly. An email may get skipped over or deleted before it’s read. Use a follow-up email for those who do not respond.

Tip 4: Sell Merchandise

One of the easiest ways to raise money is to sell pink ribbon items to family, friends and co-workers.  Sometimes people wont just give you cash but will buy a bracelet for $20.  People sometimes want something for their money.  You can buy inexpensive pink ribbon items, mark them up and donate your profits to your walk.

Tip 5: Use Online Fundraising Tools

Using online fundraising tools can easily double or triple your efforts. Thoughtfully research your options but there are plenty out there. GoFundMe is one possibility and check out Just Giving too. Just remember that these sites involve some fees, so make sure to account for them when setting your goals.

Tip 6: Face to Face Donations

While you are doing your fundraiser make sure to ask family and friends you see regularly to help support your cause. Soccer games, church functions, dinner parties, family reunions, are all great in-person opportunities. It’s also harder for people to say “no” in person.

Tip 7: Keep it Personal

People who know you will donate because YOU are asking them to. They will respect that you are working to support a cause like Susan g. Komen because you believe in it. Fundraising pages and emails have plenty of room for sharing your personal story and why this fundraiser is important to you.

Tip 8: Follow Up – Follow Up

We all tend to put things off. Who doesn’t have a lot on their plate these days, right? Reminders are needed to nudge people into giving. If someone mentioned donating but didn’t, follow up with them via email or phone. Letting them know about any deadlines helps them respond.

Tip 9: Create Your Own Team

When you work together with friends, family, and coworkers, you’ll all benefit from the camaraderie. A team will be able to raise more funds faster and the atmosphere can generate healthy competition.

Tip 10: Send Thank You Notes

Even though it’s simple, it’s powerful to follow up a campaign with personal thank you notes. Make sure to include everyone who donated and helped in any way. You may want to send emails, mail personal notes, or just tell them how much you appreciated their help.

 If you are getting ready for a fundraising campaign for Susan G. Komen, you’ll want to consider pink ribbon awareness products. Most people associate pink ribbons with Susan G. Komen fundraisers.