5 Easy Ways to Help Fight Gun Violence

5 Easy Ways to Help Fight Gun Violence

It is time to act now! Recently, there have been numerous mass shootings across the US. In each of these shootings, innocent people have died. These events remind us that there is a gun problem in the US and safety is at risk. We are not safe anywhere and must fear for our lives while doing daily tasks like running to the grocery store or stopping by the gym.

The fight against gun violence and for gun control has lasted many years. It’s not over yet. It is more important now than it’s ever been to join the cause. Taking a stand against gun violence is easier than you may think. Here are four easy ways you can help fight gun violence and take a stand for gun control in the US.

Number 1: Become familiar with federal and state gun laws.

It is important to educate yourself on the current gun laws. This helps you know what needs to be changed and what you are fighting for. There is a lot of information out there and sites like Everytown.org provides you with solid statistics about gun violence across the US. You can learn about specific regions including your own.

Number 2: Call your local representatives.

Calling your representative may feel a bit intimidating. But it literally only takes a minute to do. If you are not sure who to call 5calls.org tells you who your government officials are in your area and they will help you know what to say. If you are nervous, get together with a few friends and make the calls together.

Number 3: Sign petitions.

There are a lot of gun control petitions circulating right now. You can visit change.org to find out which petitions are relevant to gun control. If you want to, you can start your own petition in your neighborhood, city, county, or state. You can make a difference.

Number 4: Register to vote.

You may be more aware of federal elections, but local elections are also going on all around the country. Today is a good day to register to vote so you can let your voice be heard. Once you are registered to vote, you can help elect representatives who support gun control. Rock the Vote is a great site with valuable information about voting. The non-partisan site provides instructions on how to register, learn more about the policies on voting in your state, and you can sign up for reminders, so you don’t miss elections.

Number 5: Fundraise or donate to organizations advocating for gun control.

 You’ll find many groups advocating for gun control. You can choose any one of them and they will be happy to accept donations or help you with fundraising ideas for the cause. Some good organizations to work with and fundraise for include:

Make Your Voice be Heard!

There are many ways to make your voice be heard. You may choose fundraising, donating, voting, or advocating against gun violence in some other way. Check out our green ribbon awareness categories for ideas on how to raise awareness for gun control. You can also use orange ribbons to raise awareness of your fight against gun violence. There are plenty of choices available at Fundraising for a Cause. So, be creative with your fundraising efforts!