Five Fantastic Fall Fundraising Ideas!

Five Fantastic Fall Fundraising Ideas!

Fall is the favorite time of year for many people. It means the start of football season, falling leaves, pumpkin spice coffee is back, and the arrival of cooler temperatures. As the weather turns a little cooler, it creates the perfect setting for fall fundraisers. Autumn is a great time for fundraising efforts. If you are looking for a few effective, unique fall fundraising ideas, here are our top five.

Fall Festival Fundraiser

Autumn is the perfect time to host a fall festival. There are tons of things to do from bobbing for apples to carving pumpkins. You’ll do more than just raise money for your cause, you will give families and individuals memories they can carry throughout the years. Set up a table to sell hot apple cider, hot chocolate, or donuts. Sell tickets for pony rides or a hayride.

Fall Tailgate Party Fundraising

With fall comes football. Fans love to tailgate before home games as they cheer their team whether that’s high school, college, or professional. When you host a tailgating party fundraiser, you can support your local team and your cause at the same time. Break out the grill and provide fans with their favorite tailgating foods like burgers, brats, and dogs. If regulations prohibit you from doing the fundraiser on the team’s property, then throw it at your house. You can use a large TV or projector so all your neighbors, friends, and fans can watch the game while supporting your cause.

Fall Chili Cookoff

With crisp, cool temperatures, the weather is just right for chili or soup. Almost every family has their own secret chili recipe, right? Turn it into a fundraising event by creating a little competition. Sell tickets to the event or sell food to raise funds for your cause. You may want to pair it with a dessert competition to make it more interesting. Invite a local band or performer to make it a huge success.

Fall Hike-A Thon Fundraisers

As the leaves change colors and begin to coat the earth with vibrant colors, hikers love to hit the trails. Use nature as an opportunity to host a hike-a-thon. People can donate a predetermined amount per mile hiked or set it up, so participants pay an entry fee like for a 5K race. No matter how you decide to use it to raise funds, it will be fun, and your supporters can help raise money while enjoying the great outdoors.

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Pumpkin spiced coffees arrive in early fall. Who doesn’t love pumpkin? We wait all year for it, right? Host a pumpkin carving contest by itself, or pair it with a fall festival. You can charge an entry fee to compete. You may also want to sell pumpkins to carve or have competitors bring their own pumpkin to the event. If you want to host a great hit, then have a local DJ, news personality, or celebrity to judge the contest for you. Make sure to give great rewards to the winners. These are usually donated by local stores or businesses.

Fundraising for a Cause

Fall has a lot of great causes to raise money for. September is Add Awareness, childhood Cancer month, POW/MIA month and many more. October is Breast Cancer, red ribbon week,  anti-bullying month, Dyslexia month, mental illness awareness and many others. Fall is a great time to raise awareness and money for your cherished causes. Make sure to include bracelets, stickers or other small tokens that help raise awareness for your cause. Check out Fundraising for A Cause for ribbons and more!