How to Use Baked Goods for a Fundraiser

How to Use Baked Goods for a Fundraiser

Bake sales have made for successful fundraisers for many years. Many organizations have used this popular way of raising funds. One feature that makes bake sales a great moneymaker is that it requires little to no capital. For most groups, all the baked goods are donated to the fundraiser.

How to Run a Successful Bake Sale

Bake sales are more than just a fundraiser, it easily becomes a community event. It’s an opportunity for people to come together and unite for a common goal. No matter whether you are selling brownies or cookies, people will enjoy mingling at the bake sale. Here are a few tips to help your organization have a successful bake sale fundraiser.

Designate a Leader – A bake sale leader is necessary for organizing the fundraiser. They’ll help organize the whole bake sale fundraiser. The leader should be able to delegate responsibilities to others and ensure the event runs smoothly.

Gather Volunteers – The leader needs plenty of volunteers to ensure it goes off as planned. They can help with things like:

  • Organizing donations of baked goods
  • Handle publicity and advertisements
  • Setting up the booth and tables
  • Overseeing the selling of goods
  • Collecting money
  • Making sure cleanup goes smoothly

Organize Donation Sign-Ups – Make a list of specific baked goods you want included in the bake sale from the start. Keep a list and let individuals sign up for specific items so you don’t get overloaded with too many of one item and not enough of another. Make sure to gather names and phone numbers of individuals donating baked goods so you can contact them as needed.

Check About Local Health Codes – Some states have clearly instituted health codes stating that items need to be individually wrapped. Make sure to follow any health codes that are stated in your region. You may want to use index cards to state the name of each item and list out ingredients.

Set Your Time and Location – Try to choose a high-traffic area for your bake sale fundraiser. You may get more traffic by planning the bake sale around another event such as a sporting event or a school or theater presentation. Craft shows are usually great choices too.

Develop a Great Presentation – Make sure to decorate your table or booth. Tablecloths add a nice touch if they don’t have a pattern that is too overpowering. Baked goods are often the best decoration. You can divide them by type or serving sizes. If you have several tables available, you can separate them into other groups like just pies, just cakes, or even just chocolate treats.  Use stickers in a creative way like item tags.  If doing a breast cancer baked good sales, put pink ribbon stickers on each item and on the ribbon write what the item is.

Know Your Community – Will you be selling to large families? Then, arrange cookies into dozens and make entire cakes available. If you are selling to children or individuals, single packages that contain one brownie or one cupcake are good money makers on their own.

Extend Possibilities – You may want to consider selling coffee and drinks.  Even purchase some bracelets and pins and have them next to the baked goods to sell.


Some of the Best-Selling Goods for Bake Sales

For the most part, your volunteers will know what they want to donate to your bake sale. Some may have a signature dessert or cake they want to contribute. Others may have a secret family cookie recipe to share. If you need some inspiration, here is a list of many of the best-selling baked goods.

  • Brownies
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Fudge
  • Rice Krispies Treats
  • Sugar Cookies
  • Bundt Cakes

Do you feel better prepared to host a baked goods fundraiser for your cause? No matter what the cause, you can show your support by wearing ribbons, pins, stickers, or bracelets. You may want to order bracelets that represent your cause and make them available at your bake sale too. You’ll find just what you need at Fundraising for A Cause! We have ribbons to represent most major medical conditions and diseases including pink ribbons for breast cancer, red for heart disease, purple for Alzheimer's, and green for cerebral palsy. You’ll also find pride rainbow accessories and ribbons representing important causes like Parkinson's,  domestic violence, animal adoption/rescue, and much more. Let us help you spread the word!