Ideas for Red Ribbon Week 2021

The theme for Red Ribbon Week 2021 is “Drug Free Looks Like Me.” The weeklong event runs from October 23 to October 31, 2021. There are tons of ways you can support this initiative that encourages our society to live drug free. But if you are still looking for a few ideas to involve your communities, here are just a few we’ve come up with.

Top 10 Red Ribbon Week Activities

  1. Make Your Own Boo Bags.

If your group is going to be attending a Halloween party or a trick-or-treat event, make your own boo bags. Give attendees a small bag with some goodies like candy and include prevention messages and red ribbon trinkets like bracelets, pins, or keychains.

  1. School-Wide Red Ribbon Rally

If you are a parent, teacher, or administrator, gather a group of adults together to schedule a school-wide red ribbon rally during Red Ribbon Week.

  1. Get Local Government Involved

Contact local governmental officials and request that October 23rd to the 31st be officially declared Red Ribbon Week throughout the community.

  1. Wear a Red Ribbon!

Adults and students can help create awareness about abstaining from drugs and alcohol simply by wearing a red ribbon to work and school.

  1. Organize a Walk-a-Thon

A common activity for Red Ribbon Week is to host a walk-a-thon. The walk-a-thon can be any distance. Encourage members of your community to “Walk out on drugs.” It’s a great event to turn into a fundraiser to help support a local charity that helps people get free from drugs.

  1. Door Decorating Contests

Work or school are great places to host a door decorating contest. Rooms can create their own drug-free slogans or use the official slogan. They can decorate their doors in red. Be sure to have an outside party judge the doors, so the contest is fair.

  1. Join SAAD

Red Ribbon Week is a great time to join a local SAAD or MAAD group. If there isn’t one in your community, consider getting with a few friends and creating a new chapter.

  1. Prevention Obstacle Course

If your school, or an organization in your town hosts a fall carnival, set up a prevention obstacle course. It’s a little different than a typical obstacle course. Make modifications to demonstrate how difficult normal things are to do when you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  1. Host a Miles of Quarters Fundraiser

Participants donate quarters that are lined out side-by-side. An actual mile of quarters would equal about $15,000! Host your fundraising event and donate the proceeds to a local charity or organization that helps prevent drug or alcohol abuse.

  1. Plan Fun Activities All Week Long

Teachers, coworkers, or supervisors can easily plan a week of fun activities for Red Ribbon Week. Just a few theme-based day ideas include:

  • Put a cap on drugs – hat day.
  • Put a sock on drugs – fancy sock day.
  • Shade out drugs day – wear sunglasses day.
  • Red t-shirt day.
  • Drug-free team day – wear your favorite sports team gear day.


Get Ready for Red Ribbon Week!

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