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Pink Ribbon Bracelets

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Breast Cancer Awareness month is in October and is represented by the Pink Awareness Ribbon. Our wholesale Breast Cancer Awareness products are designed to give you the highest quality at the lowest price.
Each category of Pink Ribbon products allows you to buy in bulk packs for groups as small as a family, or as large as a multi-national company. The various Breast Cancer Ribbon designs are all uniquely created by our own team, and manufactured to strict quality controls to ensure they proudly broadcast the wearer's support for Breast Cancer Awareness. We pack and ship the same day, so you can even get your order the very next day if you place your order by 3:00 pm EST.

Pink Ribbon Awareness Bracelets

Pink Breast Cancer Bracelets and Ribbons

Breast cancer awareness is a cause that most people can easily support, as many of us have been affected by it in one way or another. While there are many ways to show your devotion to those fighting the disease, cancer research, or even breast cancer survivors, bracelets provide a classy and elegant statement.

Pink ribbon bracelets are a beautiful and inexpensive way to support a charity, and work well for community fundraisers, giveaways, or sales items for larger events. Whether you are banding together as a group to help someone with breast cancer pay medical bills, or helping a low-income community pay for mammogram screening for the underinsured, bracelets are a simple and effective sales item. Indeed, cancer awareness bracelets appeal to many as gifts. They’re ideal for: raising money for more genetic research regarding the recently discovered breast cancer gene; fundraising for your participation in a race like the Susan G Komen 3-day; or trying to rally a group to simply raise breast cancer awareness among the already-insured.

One of the most whimsical and popular items we carry today are silicone bracelets. They appeal to both men and women, and often have funny or interesting sayings on them that can help strike up conversations and raise awareness as a result. Pink silicone bracelets were also adapted from other important charity drives. Silicone began in yellow as well, as a symbol of the Livestrong charity that was started by champion cyclist Lance Armstrong. One of the simplest ways to support his charity and to share awareness of the wonderful things he accomplished despite being a cancer survivor was the yellow silicone bracelet. Though Armstrong was discredited for using steroids in later years, the charity he created continues to do fantastic work and to educate the public about health and fitness worldwide. The silicone bracelet has become a popular fashion statement, particularly with today's teens. They often have whimsical sayings on them that make them even more popular. If you are looking to market to teens, consider our large selection of silicone bracelets with boobies and tatas on them. They are always a big hit with those who love whimsical fashion. For those looking for a newer, trendier version, we also carry silicone bracelets with cutout designs laser-engraved into them.

Pink cancer bracelets aren't restricted to silicone, but come in many forms. One very popular trend these days for women is an armload of chunky beaded rope bracelets. These bracelets are worn stacked as a group of several different and interesting designs as a part of today's fashion. We have a large number of breast cancer bracelets that can be worn stacked as a group to make an extra large statement, or can be added to any girl's collection of jewelry as a more subtle testament of their fight against cancer. This is a particularly good choice for a fundraiser because the trend is to wear many different looks stacked together. If you purchase our variety packs, then it may lead for some women and teen girls to a multiple pink ribbon bracelet purchase.

For those with more classic jewelry taste in a breast cancer bracelet, we also have charm bracelets in silver and bangle bracelets with ribbon shapes on them as well. We work hard to try and appeal to both trendy and classic tastes and maximize the chance for you to profit in your fundraiser. Our jewelry is all made from the highest quality materials to ensure that you will have satisfied repeat customers, and in the hope that we will, too. If you are unsure of the best bracelet choices for your fundraiser or event, we pride ourselves on having a very helpful customer service staff who can guide you to the perfect wholesale purchase. This is never a single answer, but will depend on the kind of event and audience you are trying to sell to, as well as the budget that you have. We work hard to price our items at a point that allows maximum profit for your charity event, and are proud of the part we are playing in the fight against breast cancer. 

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